Glucosamine Condroiton


Incredible Joint and Bone Supplement designed for Arthritic Relief

Chronic joint pain is a very common ailment for individuals of all ages. More and more elderly, middle-aged, and young adults have to cope with some form or another of joint pain. As we can see that statistics are getting progressively worse, we need to be looking for a method that repairs the damage, rather than a temporarily cover.


Glucosamine Condroiton

Mainly, the problem behind extensive joint pain comes from a repetitive destruction of the chain of condrocytes between the two bones. Without these chains of cartilage and collagen, the two bones rub together and cause excruciating pain.

HHN’s Glucosamine Condroiton combines the healing powers of Glucosamine, Condroiton, and MSM, for a more holistic approach to joint pain relief. These amazing ingredients have been found to:


  • Reverses osteoarthritis
  • Protects joints and tendons from injury
  • Decreases inflammation

    The principle behind glucosamine supplementation is that the glucosamine is delivered to the joint space and incorporated into proteoglycans of joint cartilage to maintain structure and repair damage. Glucosamine may also stimulate chondrocytes (cartilage cells) to begin producing healthy new cartilage matrix (both collagen and proteoglycans).

    Condroiton Sulfate

  • Alleviates joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Reduces inflammation

The theory behind the use of Condroiton Sulfate (CS) to treat osteoarthritis involves two primary concepts. The first, and most basic, is that CS simply provides the raw material (“building blocks”) that cartilage needs to repair itself. The second theory is that CS may block the activity of enzymes that break down cartilage – an activity that may yield benefits in reducing inflammation and protecting cartilage from further damage.


  • Relief of arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Increases growth hormone synthesis
  • Stimulation of immune function
  • Support of connective tissue integrity (hair, nails, skin)

MSM, which is about one-third sulfur, acts as a dietary source of sulfur. Sulfur is involved in a wide variety of metabolic pathways and plays an important structural role in amino acid and protein metabolism. Sulfur is required for proper synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues such as skin, hair, nails, tendons and cartilage. Many supplements claim MSM to be a dietary treatment for osteoarthritis based on the presence of sulfur in connective tissues such as collagen (collagen comprises nearly three quarters of the solid portion of cartilage).

HHN’s Glucosamine Condroiton, through adequate dosage of the quality ingredients previously discussed, has been found to aid in the growth and repair of joint tissue. Consumers who are apart of this incredibly, exclusive supplement agree that people of all ages can be pain-free once again.