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VitalLife Products brings you the best Amaranth based natural ready to eat cereals,

Amaranth is one of the highest protein seeds available, and is very high in many other nutritional aspects. We are pleased to offer you four lines of amaranth cereals under our "Aztec Power Food" brand, all of which contain real fruit, good taste, and plenty of nutrition.

Amaranth Delight has plenty of puffed amaranth in it and comes in your choice of 7 different fruits.

Amaranth Crunch contains good nutrition with a crunch. The crunch is provided by Kasha (roasted buckwheat groats), a favorite staple in much of Europe.

Amaranth Supreme, the name says it all. Comes in two wonderful flavors: freeze dried strawberry and freeze dried blueberry. It also contains noni, acai, mangosteen, and wolfberry powders for added anti-oxidents and nutrition.

We also offer you an excellent line of Healthy Herbal Nutrients and the Super Spectrim line of nutritional supplements.

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