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VitalLife Products offers you some of the best nutritional products available. These are both herbal products and vitamin and mineral products.

Around 2001 I was asked to write some software pertaining to the Super Spectrim products. I decided I better try the product. So my wife and I started taking the Super Spectrim vitamin – mineral product. We found it made us feel better and kept us on the healthy side. We still take it and are quite healthy.

About the same time we were introduced to the herbal line of products. It is a big line of products. They offer products for many different ailments, plus some beauty products. We use a couple of their products on a regular basis.

We liked the products so much that we asked if we could become a distributor for them. We are proud to now be distributors for both of the companies.

The third company we represent is Sun Oven. We enjoy our Sun Oven. It is so easy to use and very cost effective. I take the Sun Oven outside and place it in the sun. My wife puts a meal in a casserole dish. We put it in the All American Sun Oven. The sun provides the energy to cook it. In about an hour we take the meal out and enjoy a nutritious sun cooked meal.

We are happy to be able to make these fine products available to you.

You may be wondering why we have a picture of breakfast cereal in our header. That is a good question. Several years ago we made and sold a cereal product made with puffed amaranth as the main ingredient. We keep the header as a memory of the amaranth cereal.

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